Size: 35.95 acres

Price: $12900
Property Taxes: About $13 per year

Title: Buyer will receive a General Warranty Deed providing clear title and title insurance
paid for by the seller. The closing will be handled by a local title company.


Longhorn Ranch Block 6 Lot 7 in Las Animas County, Colorado.


This property is located in the rolling hills about 45 minutes northeast of Trinidad, Colorado a very
short distance from the historic Santa Fe Trail.

The tiny town of Houghton, Colorado, several miles southeast of the property and has only a few
residents, as does Thatcher, which is also several south.

There is a pond on the property, which often has water, but is currently dry. In the fall, if
there is water there, it often has ducks in the pond. The road to the property is bumpy, but
it's possible for most two wheel drive vehicles to get there.

GPS coordinates: 37.605832, -104.154466


All of these pictures were taken in September 2016.




From Pueblo, Colorado: Take Highway 50 at Exit 100A to the town of Rocky Ford. Turn south on
Highway 71 (turn right at the Conoco station) and go to to Highway 10. Turn right and go half a
mile to Highway 71 again. Turn left and go to Highway 350. Turn right and go 22 miles to past
the town of Delhi. Turn right and go about 700 feet to County Road 88. Turn left and go three
miles to County Road 121. Continue 4.35 miles to Spanish Peak Trail, which is an old road (faint
trail) and turn left. The trail curves around for 0.2 miles. Turn right and go 0.55 miles to the trail
that goes to the right. Turn right there and go 0.4 miles to the gully across the road. Carefully,
go around the gully to the left, and continue for almost a mile to the northwest corner of the property,
which lies on the left side of the road. The front two corners have wooden stakes wrapped with pink
take next to the original metal survey markers. Currently, the back corners do not have wooden stakes.

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